Britney just did a
"Got Milk Ad" anyone else
wondering if its the
diary concentrate that
they put on her upper lip or the white stuff
left up there so she could do the ad?? Hmmmm..

Did everyone see Britney on MTV with
Innosense having a pajama party?
Well if some of you know Britney used to be in
Innosense, but went solo, and for awhile
pretended not to know who they were they're buddy buddy
Heres a .WAV of Britney talking like she
doesnt know who
Innosense is...

Poor Little Britney..She hurt her knee (yet she was
jumping around the other day on MTV)

Nancy Kerrigan anyone?

Happy Late Birthday Britney!
Heres the gift I bought you!

For those unsightly rolls that you have

Joshua Jackson
was on
Total Request Live,
and Carson Daly
brought up
Britney being on
Dawsons Creek,
and this is what
Joshua had
to say: "I hate
to burst her bubble,
but there is only
two shows left
for us to film
this season, and
she isn't in
any of them!
I don't know where
she got the idea she was!"
-Thanx Tay!

Click Here to hear Britney
talking about being on Dawsons Creek

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