This is an Anti Britney Spears site, it was not meant to offend anyone of any kind, its just a page stating our feelings towards Britney Spears
We dont care that her "fans" think that we are stupid, frankly we think both them and her are dumb
We do not have a lot of time on our hands, this is what we call a "project" to do when we get bored.
It doesnt take a genius to make a webpage, so no, this did not take a lot of time.
We are not jealous of the no talent hooch that some people call Britney Spears, we prefer Bitchney Spears, so get over it
Everything used on this page is completely original, unless otherwise stated

Thats it for now, we'll most likely be adding more later..Enjoy!
And if you are a "fan" of this so called singer, head the other way, you're not really welcome here, and if you dont care what we the "haters" have to say, why the hell are you visiting our sites, talking about the stuff that we say?? Hmmmmmmmm..idiots maybe? We dont know, and we dont give a damn!