At 17, Britney Spears enjoys being a girl (Or a slut). She loves colors that pop (WTF?!?!) and shopping till you drop (thats not the only thing she likes to drop), TRASHY romance novels and idyllic days at the beach. Untamed and tarnished as they come, the bright needs a lot of makeup to make her look human teen from Kentwood, Louisiana (pop:1200) <~~We're impressed, is poised to liven up the pop world with the resistible collection of songs on her Jive Records self-titled debut release BIG WOW!.
Produced by Eric Foster White (Whitney Houston, Hi-Five) and Max Martin (Robyn, Backstreet Boys, Ace of Base), the album showcases Britney's unbridled effervescence and musical curiosity (Im courious how she got a record deal). From the screeching of "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart," to the driving me crazy perverted song "One More Time," to the funky lyrics of "Soda Pop," to her crappie remake of the Jets hit "You've Got It All," Britney's rude disposition, unaccrued vocal style is intoxicating. "I want to an artist that everyone can relate to, that's young, happy and fun," she says. (She meant to say thats "open to any guy, and will HIT ME ONE MORE TIME")
Despite a refreshingly adolescent attitude, Britney's life has hardly been traditional. "I've done the prom thing, but it's only once a year," she notes about her unconventional teenage lifestyle. "I need to sing and I love to travel." (Oh she doesn't have a big head at all)
Performing since early childhood in local dance reviews and church choirs, she auditioned for the Disney Channel's "Mickey Mouse Club" series at age eight in Atlanta. Too young for her series (they didn't want her), a producer on the show helped Britney secure an agent (pimp) in New York City (on a corner), where she spent the next three summers studying at the renowned Off-Broadway Lay Around and at the Professional World of Strippers. She also became a headliner and changed her name to "Bite my Spears" and On-stage shows including the 1991 comedy, "Ruthless Clothes," based on the 1980s dance "The Bad Girl." "At 10 I was playing this really bad child who seems real sweet but she's evil too, she likes to dance naked, It was so much fun," she recalls.
Finally old enough at age 11, Britney earned a coveted place in "Mickey Mouse Club." (her mother paid) After two years performing on the popular children's TV show filmed in Orlando, Britney returned to Kentwood for one completely normal (nothing for Britney is normal) year of high school at age 14. "It was fun for a while but I started getting itchy to get out again and see the world," she says. (BIG HEAD!!)
A devoted fan of pop music-her favorites include Michael Jackson (she wants to see him "Beat It"), Mariah Carey (She wants to get a boob job like Mariah's "Someday"), and Whitney Houston (Someday she'll look back and say "Didn't I almost have it all")- Britney once again went to New York to pursue her dream. "I had always wanted to be a singer, but needed a lot of help" she says. "It's what I always wanted to do since I was little." Now a seasoned performer at age 15, an audition for an all girl vocal group led to her developing a solo career as a pop singer as well as continuing her high school studies with tutors. "I need a lot of help in geometry and Spanish, also they help me sing, I never thought a teacher could have a better voice than me!" she admits.
Recording with Martin in Sweden this past spring and in New Jersey with Foster White, Britney's ready to make her own special wreck in the music world. "I love performing more than anything and having people hear my music. I know I've had to give some stuff up to do this, but I don't miss high school. When I was home two years ago, every weekend we'd go out and do the same thing. It's wonderful as long as you love what you're doing, but I'd rather be doing this!"

I feel so bad for Britney she actually thinks she'll make it, excuse me while I crack up!